Mark Zuckerberg is personally reaching out to AI experts at Google’s DeepMind, inviting them to join his team. Meanwhile, Google, Intel, and Qualcomm are collaborating to compete with Nvidia. Additionally, Apple is expected to announce major AI advancements at WWDC, and Grok will soon be available to all premium X subscribers. Let’s dive in!

Today’s Highlights

  • Mark Zuckerberg Recruiting Google AI Experts
  • Coalition Against Nvidia’s Dominance
  • Apple’s Major AI Announcement
  • Grok Available to All Premium X Subscribers


Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, is personally emailing AI experts at Google’s DeepMind, inviting them to join his team. This is part of Meta’s strategy to become a leader in AI. They are offering positions directly, bypassing traditional interviews, and are more flexible with salaries. Meta is also investing heavily in Nvidia’s AI chips to enhance their technology. Additionally, they have released their AI work, such as the Llama 2 model, for free. This demonstrates Meta’s commitment to growing in AI through sharing and innovation.

Our Thoughts

Meta’s direct recruitment approach and substantial investments emphasize the competitive race to lead in AI technology. Zuckerberg’s personal involvement underscores AI’s importance to Meta’s future. By supporting open-source AI, Meta aims to shape the tech industry’s approach to AI development. Will Meta’s strategy foster a more open and innovative AI future?

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