OpenAI to Launch ‘Google Search’ Competitor

OpenAI is set to launch its new AI-powered search engine this Monday, right before Google’s big I/O conference. Will it revolutionize the search market like Google once did? Meanwhile, the U.S. is working to limit China and Russia’s access to advanced AI technology, and Apple plans to use M2 Ultra Chips soon. Let’s dive in! […]


Microsoft Building ‘MAI-1’ to Compete with Top AI Models

Microsoft is developing ‘MAI-1’ to compete with OpenAI and Google’s AI models. Meta is expanding its generative AI tools for advertisers, allowing them to create new image variations with AI-driven enhancements. Additionally, the “gpt2-chatbot” saga has resurfaced, and Apple is working on chips designed to run AI software in data centers. Let’s dive in! Key […]

Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s New AI-Powered News Feature

Elon Musk’s X platform introduces Stories using Grok AI to summarize user tweets for premium subscribers. Driven by AI power demand rising at an “exponential” rate, Microsoft and Brookfield ink largest private energy deal yet. And lastly, Ukraine has an AI-generated spokesperson called Victoria who will make official statements on behalf of its foreign ministry. […]


GPT-4: Just the Beginning of AI’s Future

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman(GPT-4: Just the Beginning of AI’s Future) recently made some notable comments at a Stanford University seminar, sparking curiosity about how OpenAI will shape the future of AI in the coming years. Meanwhile, Anthropic has released an iOS app for Claude, and Microsoft has implemented stricter rules, banning U.S. police from using […]


Mysterious “gpt2-chatbot” AI Model Emerges Unexpectedly

A new, powerful AI model has surfaced, showing capabilities that seem to rival or even surpass GPT-4, sparking speculation that OpenAI might be behind its creation. Read all about this intriguing buzz in our first article below. Meanwhile, Amazon introduces Q, and Microsoft announces a $1.7 billion investment plan for Indonesia’s cloud and AI sectors. […]


Apple Negotiates with OpenAI to Enhance AI Features in iOS 18

Apple is in discussions with OpenAI to bring their AI technology to future iPhone features. Meanwhile, China’s Shengshu Technology and Tsinghua University have launched Vidu, a text-to-video model that creates 16-second clips in 1080p with a single click. Additionally, top U.S. tech CEOs are forming a new AI Safety Board. Let’s dive in! Key Points […]


ChatGPT Now Embodied in a Robot

ChatGPT now has a body and can see, hear, and speak. A figure, famous for their humanoid robots, has unveiled their latest creation in partnership with OpenAI. Meanwhile, Anthropic released Claude 3 Haiku, and Google’s Sima joined the game night. Let’s dive in! Key Points Figure and OpenAI’s collaboration allows Figure 01 to engage in […]


Meta’s Smart Glasses Now Feature Multimodal AI

Meta and Ray-Ban are expanding their smart glasses lineup with new AI features. Adobe has unveiled Firefly Image 3, a generative model integrated into Photoshop for more realistic results. Meanwhile, Microsoft introduces Phi-3-mini, a compact language model that matches the performance of larger models like GPT-3.5. Let’s dive in! Key Points New Ray-Ban Meta smart […]


Apple Developing On-Device LLM for Enhanced Generative AI Features

Apple is reportedly developing its own large, on-device language model, focusing on privacy and speed. Meanwhile, Meta has launched ‘Meta AI,’ powered by Llama 3, to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini. Additionally, the US Air Force successfully conducted a dogfight between an AI-controlled fighter and a human pilot. Let’s dive in! Key Points […]


Adobe Revolutionizes Video Editing

Adobe is bringing incredible generative AI video features to Premiere Pro, potentially transforming professional video editing. Check out the video to see these new, magical possibilities. Meanwhile, a new player named Reka is introducing an AI model that rivals GPT-4, and Intel and the Linux Foundation are launching an initiative for interoperable, enterprise-focused AI. Let’s […]

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