As you enjoy your eggs this Easter Monday, we’re here with the latest updates from the world of AI. There’s a lot to talk about! OpenAI has introduced Voice Engine—an AI model that can clone a voice from just 15 seconds of audio. Microsoft and OpenAI are teaming up again to build a $100 billion supercomputer named ‘Stargate’, and Amazon’s AI team is under pressure to advance their AI model, ‘Olympus’. Let’s dive in!

Key Points

  • Voice Engine can replicate a voice from just a 15-second audio clip.
  • It learns from both purchased and publicly available data.
  • OpenAI is cautious about releasing this tool due to potential misuse.
  • The tool doesn’t allow detailed voice modifications.
  • The impact on voice actors’ jobs is being closely monitored.


OpenAI’s Voice Engine is a groundbreaking tool that can clone a voice from a short audio sample. However, OpenAI is taking a cautious approach before making it widely available, ensuring it won’t be misused. They are also secretive about their data sources, balancing confidentiality with transparency. This tool’s potential to transform industries raises important questions about technology and ethics. Their blog showcases examples of how 15-second reference clips can be transformed into different tones and languages.

Why It Matters

OpenAI acknowledges the risks of synthetic voices and advises against using voice authentication for sensitive data. It’s crucial to understand where this technology is headed and how it might be used responsibly, whether by OpenAI or others.

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