OpenAI is set to launch its new AI-powered search engine this Monday, right before Google’s big I/O conference. Will it revolutionize the search market like Google once did? Meanwhile, the U.S. is working to limit China and Russia’s access to advanced AI technology, and Apple plans to use M2 Ultra Chips soon. Let’s dive in!

Key Points

  • OpenAI is launching an AI-powered search engine to rival Google.
  • The announcement comes just before Google’s annual I/O conference.
  • The search engine integrates ChatGPT, web data, and citations.


OpenAI is preparing to unveil its AI-driven search engine this Monday. This new tool, based on ChatGPT, aims to provide real-time web data with proper citations. The timing is strategic, as it precedes Google’s I/O conference, where significant AI advancements are expected. This move intensifies the competition with Google and Perplexity, an emerging AI search engine started by a former OpenAI researcher. While ChatGPT has previously been integrated with Microsoft’s Bing, this new search engine will chart its own course in the AI search arena, appealing to both general users and tech enthusiasts.

Why It Matters

ChatGPT has been seen as a potential alternative for gathering information but has faced challenges in delivering accurate, real-time web data. Similar to how Google once disrupted the search market, overshadowing giants like Altavista and Yahoo, OpenAI could be poised to lead a new era in internet search, setting new standards for how AI enhances user interaction with digital information.

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