Adobe is bringing incredible generative AI video features to Premiere Pro, potentially transforming professional video editing. Check out the video to see these new, magical possibilities. Meanwhile, a new player named Reka is introducing an AI model that rivals GPT-4, and Intel and the Linux Foundation are launching an initiative for interoperable, enterprise-focused AI. Let’s dive in!

Key Points

  • New AI tools make it easy to add or remove objects and extend clips.
  • Premiere Pro now supports third-party AI models like OpenAI.
  • Upcoming features will offer precise audio control and improved quality.


Adobe is revolutionizing Premiere Pro with new generative AI features that will change professional video editing. These tools, powered by Adobe’s new Firefly video model, allow for seamless object manipulation and clip extension. The enhancements aim to simplify complex editing tasks, enabling creators to produce high-quality results more efficiently. Additionally, integrating third-party AI models like OpenAI directly into Premiere Pro workflows provides unprecedented flexibility and creative potential.

Our Thoughts

Once these AI tools are released to the consumer market, we’ll see how well they integrate into professional workflows. If they match Adobe’s existing AI tools for images, the generative video tools will likely be impressive. These features could set a new standard for AI-driven video production.

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