Dive into the weekend with the latest in AI! OpenAI aims to create an ecosystem where developers are rewarded for their contributions. Meanwhile, Amazon is investing four billion dollars in OpenAI competitor Anthropic, and Grok 1.5 has been announced. Let’s dive in!

Key Points

  • OpenAI will pay U.S. developers for the use of their GPT models.
  • Testing begins with a small group of developers to refine the payment plan.
  • This initiative comes as OpenAI addresses performance and regulatory challenges.


OpenAI has launched a new program where developers in the U.S. can earn money based on how much others use their GPT models. This plan was hinted at when Custom GPTs were introduced in November 2023. Currently, it’s in a testing phase with a select group of developers to determine the best payment method. Specifics about the testers, the payout structure, and the timeline for broader access are still under wraps. This initiative aims to address issues like controlling GPT outputs, preventing political misuse, and reducing spam.

Why It Matters

OpenAI’s new program is designed to reward developers for their contributions, fostering an ecosystem of innovation. By paying developers based on model usage, OpenAI offers a lucrative opportunity for those looking to profit from AI development. As OpenAI continues to enhance ChatGPT and attract more users, this program could become a significant source of income for many developers.

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