Meta and Ray-Ban are expanding their smart glasses lineup with new AI features. Adobe has unveiled Firefly Image 3, a generative model integrated into Photoshop for more realistic results. Meanwhile, Microsoft introduces Phi-3-mini, a compact language model that matches the performance of larger models like GPT-3.5. Let’s dive in!

Key Points

  • New Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses with advanced Meta AI features.
  • Video calling via WhatsApp and Messenger for hands-free convenience.
  • Real-time visual translation and interaction through Meta AI.


Meta and EssilorLuxottica have partnered to release the second-generation Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, blending classic style with cutting-edge technology. The new styles include the vintage-inspired Skyler and the low bridge fit for Headliner frames, offering a fit for every face. These smart glasses feature integrated video calling and AI functionalities, enabling seamless interaction with both the environment and digital content.

Why It Matters

As AI hardware evolves, Meta’s smart glasses stand out by combining sophisticated AI capabilities with everyday practicality and style. The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses aim to enhance social interactions with live video sharing and offer real-time AI assistance in our daily visual and auditory experiences.

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