ChatGPT now has a body and can see, hear, and speak. A figure, famous for their humanoid robots, has unveiled their latest creation in partnership with OpenAI. Meanwhile, Anthropic released Claude 3 Haiku, and Google’s Sima joined the game night. Let’s dive in!

Key Points

  • Figure and OpenAI’s collaboration allows Figure 01 to engage in full conversations, plan, and perform tasks.
  • Figure 01 learns actions autonomously instead of being remote-controlled.
  • Notable for its advanced conversational skills.


Robotics company Figure, in partnership with OpenAI, has developed a new robot named Figure 01. This robot can hold detailed conversations, plan activities, and execute tasks independently. By using a multimodal model from OpenAI, Figure 01 can interpret both images and text, enabling it to describe its surroundings, understand complex scenarios, and perform context-specific tasks accurately. This blend of vision, planning, memory, and conversation marks a significant advancement in robotics. Figure 01 processes visual and conversational data to interact with its environment naturally. The integration of visuomotor transformers allows it to understand its surroundings deeply, making robotics more responsive and adaptive than ever before.

Our Thoughts

The introduction of Figure 01 redefines our understanding of AI and robotics. With its ability to navigate human language and environmental contexts, we are entering an era where the line between human and machine capabilities is increasingly blurred. Robots like Figure 01 could soon become our coworkers, helpers, or even companions, offering a future filled with exciting possibilities.

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