1st Sep2020

Before you start a website, you might know what to do. You have to get a domain name and choose the right hosting plan that your website needs.

So what is web hosting? Web hosting is the internet service which provides storage space for a website or application on a server. When your website is made accessible on the internet, other Internet-connected machines can access it.

Then how to get it work? Web hosts are businesses that rent out their services and technology to host websites on the internet. When your website is hosted by the hosting company, users can access it by typing your web address (domain name) in your web browser. When they do this, they bind their computer to the server on which your website is host. The server in turn serves the website to your web user in their web browser (sending the files that you have stored in the database to display).

How to choose the right web hosting plan:

Several options for Web hosting are open. Only ask yourself the following questions to know which one would be right for your business:
What kind of website are you planning to host online-a blog, an e-commerce portal, a news website, and so on as this will decide how much internet traffic you foresee and how robust the infrastructure needed to host your website is.

  • What are the Website's goals? How easily can you see your online business expand?
  • What amount of hand-holding do you need?

Your answer will decide how much of this you need:

  • Storage space
  • Bandwidth
  • Server Control
  • Cost

What are the web hosting plans available?

There are several ways to host your website and here are some possible hostings for yours:

1. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a good option to start with if you have a blog or a small business that is just starting out. It's the most economical hosting option available because other websites share your server space. It is easy to use and it is simple. By comparison, since you share space and resources on the same server with several other websites, overloading with another website can cause your website to slow down. You have minimal Server control.

2. WordPress Hosting

WordPress is one of the most popular Contents Management System (CMS) and open-source to use for your blog or website. If you use a WordPress to start your blog or website, it is recommended that you buy a WordPress hosting package as it is specifically optimized to cater to your WordPress website.

3. VPS Hosting

VPS hosting can be thought of as a higher, faster, more advanced type of shared hosting. When sharing a server with other websites, resources are allocated that aren't shared with other assets. If you can't afford a dedicated server, the way to go is by VPS.