Subrion CMS - A PHP/MySQL based CMS and framework

7th Apr, 19

Subrion CMS - A PHP/MySQL based CMS and framework

Subrion is a PHP/MySQL based CMS & framework that allows you to build websites for any purpose. It allows you build your websites from blog to corporate mega portal.

As my experience, Subrion CMS has many great features with good-looking admin dashboard. It provides you some modern and mobile-freindly templates, both free and paid. However, there are limited templates for your needs differing to Wordpress, the most popular CMS, which gives you more choices of many templates. I like Subrion CMS. I hope its project will find more developers to create more templates to allow users being able to choose for thier purpose.

Here are its awesome features which make you want to try it.

1. Administrator Dashboard: It's intuitively-clear with the focus on the content management process.

2. Easy content management: Use WYSIWYG editors to publish content on your website. Control every page, menu, or block of your website directly in Admin Dashboard.

3. Templates and plugins: Extend your website with free plugins & templates. Create your own extensions using the advanced framework API.

4. SEO inclusive: Stop wasting time & money to get your website higher in SERPs.

5. Mobile friendly: Its templates are responsive by default, so that your website will look nice on any mobile device as well as on desktops and large screens.

6. User management: Built-in user management functionality with the advanced privileges system to separate access levels for user groups & individual users.

7. Easy core updates: New features are useless if you don't start using them right away. Upgrade system allows to stay updated and use newer versions hassle-free.

8. Free and open-source: Free and Open Software and give the freedom to modify, share, and use the software.

Download and try Subrion CMS by reaching their website, If you found it awesome or useful for your work, please leave any ideas here.