K Engine: A CMS which makes your markup remain untouched

K Engine is a PHP based flexi-CMS that adapts to markup easily and makes it remain untouched.  

K Engine is customized and developed by Sitegine.com – being used to turn a static site or the existing HTML template to be editable and able to manage though admin panel. Every content of website is rendered from its backend to show at frontend. The familiar XHTML-like tags are added into markups to make it CMS managed. Its admin panel is a ready-responsive panel and fit to every device such as mobile, tablet and desktop. 

Why do you choose the K Engine to manage the contents of your website? Here are its special features:

1. HTML Remains Untouched

K Engine does not add a single byte of its own markup into HTML design and remains 100% fidel to original static design.

2. Flat and Responsive Admin Panel

K Engine gives a completely blank admin panel to begin with and creates a new custom panel.

3. Simple and Secure

K Engine consists of many powerful features like relations, saving form submissions into database, custom routes etc. to create and manage an uncomplicated site in its simple way and keep the site safe from hacks.

This website, Sitegine.com, also Satsong.net and Mall of Japan Pte. Ltd are respectively the technology, porfolio and corporate sites which have been using the K Engine.