It seems like Apple is making headlines again, especially after a quiet 2023 on the AI front. Now, Apple is diving into the world of personal home robots, seeing them as the “next big thing.” Meanwhile, Stability AI has launched a new and improved audio model, and YouTube’s CEO has issued a warning to OpenAI about Sora’s training data, which could have unexpected consequences.

On a personal note, one of our team members became a dad for the first time last night, so congratulations to him on this special moment!

Key Points

  • Apple is pausing its car project to focus on home robots.
  • They’re developing a robot that follows you around.
  • The robot project is led by the AI and hardware teams.


Apple is shifting its focus to developing robots for the home. This move comes after they decided to halt work on electric cars. Apple is leveraging its expertise in manufacturing and AI to create a robot that can move around with you and a table that can adjust its screen. This initiative comes as other big companies like Amazon and OpenAI are also exploring home robotics. The project is still in the early stages, overseen by Apple’s hardware engineering division and its AI and machine learning group. This new venture highlights the potential for exciting innovations and a glimpse into a future where home robots are commonplace.

Our Thoughts

Apple’s transition from cars to personal robots could revolutionize how we interact with technology at home. As they embark on this journey, it’s thrilling to imagine a future where robots and AI seamlessly integrate into our daily lives. These personal home robots could be particularly beneficial for the elderly, providing assistance and companionship. However, the introduction of such robots may also face resistance from those who fear a dystopian future.

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