Apple is in discussions with OpenAI to bring their AI technology to future iPhone features. Meanwhile, China’s Shengshu Technology and Tsinghua University have launched Vidu, a text-to-video model that creates 16-second clips in 1080p with a single click. Additionally, top U.S. tech CEOs are forming a new AI Safety Board. Let’s dive in!

Key Points

  • Apple is considering both OpenAI’s and Google’s AI for integration.
  • New AI features are set to debut this fall.
  • Apple’s broader AI plans suggest major industry changes.


Apple is making a pivotal choice for its upcoming iPhone 16, which will feature AI technology for the first time. The company is deciding between using OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini. This decision is crucial, not only for enhancing the iPhone but also for shaping Apple’s position in the market. Rumours indicate that Apple has been developing large language models to run on devices, powering AI capabilities in iOS 18 and future operating systems. Regardless, Apple appears to be looking at partnerships with leading AI labs like OpenAI and Google to offer more advanced features and accurate results.

Our Thoughts

Why does Apple’s choice of AI partner matter? It’s about more than just the next iPhone—it’s about setting a trend or following one in the tech world. Will Apple’s decision drive the industry forward, or simply keep pace with current trends? This choice could determine how quickly advanced AI features become a part of our daily lives.

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